Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summary of The Article (Video)

This video is all about the summary of the article.
If you can't hear clearly  you can just read the summary
"Using Technology For Art Instead of Hand Drawing"
Enjoy :D xx

♥Using Technology for Art Instead of Hand Drawing♥

Technology has many effects on art. At this time people like to use technology instead of hand drawing. I would like to explain the effects that technology has on art. Almost all people done their work by using technology; because they said that it’s easier. Most people that are working in magazine production use technology for editing, drawing, or even coloring and some of them said the result or the quality is nicer than using hand drawing because if we use our hand it will be dirty.

Some people say that there are more benefits rather than limitation for technology. Some of the benefits are, sometime people like to make their photo nicer so then they use technology to make some effect, however, of course we can’t use our own hand drawing to make a better effect for photos. Secondly, sometime is tiring for us to use our hand to draw. The last one we can easily mix the color and if we don’t like the color we can change the color easily. However, if we use paint and we don’t like the color it’s so hard to change and waste paint. So I believed there are more benefits rather than the limitation.

Reflection On Weeks 1 - 5

Reflection on weeks 1-5

Last past five weeks I was creating and researching for my topic “Using technology for art instead of hand drawing”.

I was researching about my topic in Internet and I got a lot of information. By getting much information I have to read one by one and try to summary. When I’m done read all of them and summary it I wrote from my own word and try to explain it again from my own word.

The next step is I have to record my summary by using photo booth or garage band. However, I know people will get bored with my summary because there’s only my voice and they have to listen carefully so then I decided to make a video about “Using technology for art instead of hand drawing”. Well I like to make a video because it’s fun and people will interest with my project. Then the next day I tried to record my voice and put some video in iMovie and record my voice during the video.  

To make it more interesting I have to interview one of my friends in ESL class or the other class. I interviewed people is because so then people know what’s other people opinion and people will know how many people using technology for their art and how many people using their hand instead of using technology.

Now I’m still making the video and tried to interview many people as I can. From now on I’ve interview five people from the other ESL class and I tried to put it in together with the video that I make now.

When I’m finished this project video I would like to share it with you in my BlogSpot “ ” so check it out. 

Week 4 (Comprehension)

Week 4- Comprehension: April 25th- 29thTeacher Notes
ActivitiesI’ve been doing my project by finding a website about my topic and try to send it to everyone and I’ve been making the question about the website summary and send it again to my ESL friends and they have to answer my question. When I’m done I’ll put it as a video by using iMovie.Keep up the good work Khansa
Standard and Criterion Met
Completed TaskI’ve been making and post it my work into my blog and i’ll upload my video later.
To Do List
I haven’t put my video to my blog I’ll probably post it when I’m finish edit the video.

Week 3 (Activities)

Week 3: Knowledge- April 18th- 22nd
Teacher Notes
ActivitiesI started my project on week 3 and I was planning to make a video about “Using technology for art instead of hand drawing”. I was researching and try to summary the website and the I changed it again into my own word. Great work your blog is looking great
Completed TaskI have completed my work and posted it on my blog so then I can share with everyone.
Resourceshttp://khnswhite.blogspot.comPlease list
To Do ListWeekly reflection on blog: Write a summary including main idea and conclusionsWell done Khansa

Week 2 (Started)

Week 2 Getting Started-April 11th- 15thTeacher Notes
  • Review Criterion
  • Introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy (Very briefly)
  • Introduce Areas of Interaction
  • Re-evaluate- Topic
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion A, E
Completed TaskGuiding Question: Using technology for art instead of hand drawing
To Do ListStart researching about Bloom’s Taxonomy and completed activity on learning styles and personal interests and posted on my blog.Excellent

Week 1 (Introduction)

Week 1 Introduction-April 5th- 8thTeacher Notes
Completed TaskCompleted a survey interests and a survey of learning styles that posted onto my blog. I picked a topic “Using technology for art instead of hand drawing”.
To Do ListTry to plan for the next thing that should i do.Yes think about planning